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Theresa Luciano

Designed and built remotely-operated vehicles to solve underwater challenges

2018 STEM Scholar
Savannah, GA Oglethorpe Charter School

Theresa’s Big Idea: Students designed and built their own ROVs (remotely-operated vehicles) to solve real-world underwater challenges. Students learned to wire and assemble their ROV’s tethered remote control box, camera, and monitor. Then, once assembly was completed, the students “flew” their ROVs through the water in a three-foot-deep swimming pool in their classroom.

Interesting Facts: Theresa learned to construct ROVs over a two-week period at the Marine Advanced Technology Education Center in Monterey, CA. There she also learned how to build a waterproof camera and wire its handheld controller.

In her own words: "I feel this project gives students a sense of pride, confidence, and motivation to create bigger and more exciting, hands-on, real world activities while exposing them to marine science."