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The Laura Frazier Research & Advocacy Fund



The Laura Frazier Research & Advocacy Fund supports the National Stem Cell Foundation and its mission to fund high impact research collaborations and patient advocacy partnerships with pediatric research centers of excellence.

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The Mary Nixon National STEM Scholar Program Speaker Series

The Mary Nixon National STEM Scholar Program Speaker Series was established to bring an internationally renowned thought-leader in education to the teachers of the National STEM Scholar Program from 2017 to 2022. Speakers lead individualized workshops with the National STEM Scholars while on Western Kentucky University’s campus during the Scholar’s week of training and development.

Speakers have included:
Michelle Lucas, Founder & CEO of Higher Orbits
Dr. Talithia Williams, American statistician & mathematician
Dr. John Medina, New York Times best-selling author of the Brain Rules book series
Dr. Eric Mazur, Harvard physicist and the father of peer-to-peer instruction
Dr. Julie Schell, Award-winning expert in teaching and learning, UT Austin

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STEM Scholar Library

October 2021 marked the beta launch of the STEM Scholar Library, a digital library of project-based science lessons and custom curriculum designed specifically for maximum impact in middle school classrooms. Thanks to the generous support of Samtec Cares, the Caesars Foundation of Floyd County and the Old National Bank Foundation, its curated collection of educational tools and resources is made available free of charge for parents, students, and teachers in traditional and virtual classrooms worldwide.

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