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Tasha Jordan

Studying biodiversity at home and on Mars

2022 STEM Scholar
St Louis, MO Johnson-Wabash Elementary School

Tasha’s Big Idea: 

Tasha’s students began their project by collecting water and soil samples from around their school grounds. Using their phones as microscopes, they conducted a biodiversity audit by studying their samples. Next they created a 3D printed model of the Mars Bee Colony. In the final part of the project, students created slides, posters, and comic books to educate local elementary school students about the importance of biodiversity.

Interesting Facts:

When she’s not teaching science, Tasha teaches yoga to individuals with developmental disabilities, walks her dog, and makes Native American beaded earrings.

In her own words: “I teach because I believe in the next seven generations of students and the positive impact they will have on their communities, society, and the world.”