Susie Dobkins

Using bioengineering and biomimicry to replicate human body systems/organs to help people with various disorders

2021 STEM Scholar
Billings, MT Eileen Johnson Middle School

Susie’s Big Idea:

Students will use bioengineering and biomimicry to replicate human body systems/organs. They will learn about various disorders and how these disorders affect the body, then students will explore ways scientists and engineers have been working to help people with these disorders. Finally, students will use their knowledge to ask questions and design insulin pumps with a more ergonomic design, inhalers that are easier for athletes to carry, a heart valve replacement, hip replacement, or something of their choosing. Students will use programming to create a bionic hand or leg and sensors to create a simple pacemaker. They will then go through the engineering design process, present their designs to the class, make revisions, and test again. This project will show students that failing is natural, normal and the way innovative ideas come about. These choice projects will allow students to learn science and engineering concepts, they will also allow them to practice soft skills that will benefit them in the classroom and in their personal lives.

Fun Facts:

Susie is from Montana and loves any activity that involves being outside-especially rock climbing.

In her own words: “Middle school is when students’ career aspirations and academic trajectory is the most malleable; using this time to explore their strengths as well as apply what they are learning to explore new careers has the potential to be life changing.”