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Rob Jackson

Tracked earthquakes to learn how humans affect the Earth and how we can adapt to and prevent natural disasters

2020 STEM Scholars
Topeka, KS Seaman Middle School

Rob’s Big Idea: Rob’s students used a seismometer and infrasound sensor to collect, track and interpret data on earthquakes and human impact like traffic and manufacturing. Students also applied what they learn to engineering projects and buildings to withstand natural disasters.

Interesting Facts: Along with teaching science, Rob also has a robotics team. He loves to build and create science “toys” and often applies his skills on his parents’ farm where he has started an orchard and vineyard.

In his own words: “My class currently utilizes a lot of engineering challenges, but I would like to increase the number of activities where students collect and analyze real-world data. This will allow students to experience what it is like to be a research scientist. The data will allow my students to participate in citizen-science, making the learning experience more important and authentic.”