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Patrick Kyne

Building mini weather stations to learn about climate and skills needed for STEM-based careers

2021 STEM Scholar
Jacksonville, FL Fletcher Middle School

Patrick’s Big Idea:

Patrick’s students used what they learned about weather in class and built and programmed mini weather stations powered by an Arduino board and weather sensors. The weather stations allowed students to learn STEM-based skills such as coding and measuring data. The use of the electromagnetic spectrum in developing weather sensors is ubiquitous in STEM fields today. The stations can measure elements of weather such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and wind speed in real time. The project required students to work in groups to build and code the weather stations, which were designed to work remotely via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The project allowed students to integrate modern technology into classroom science lessons.

Interesting Facts:  

Patrick is in his 14th year teaching 6th grade science. He loves being in nature and all things water – including surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking.

In his own words: “This project is a priority for my students because in 6th grade many students have either formed or are starting to form their opinions about science and their place within it. Many students are making these decisions with a very narrow view of what science is and what it has to offer them. Many times, students see themselves only as the consumer of technology not the maker of it. Getting students excited, curious, and "impressed" with what they are learning has always been a goal of mine and this project will allow students to see the content beyond the words and definitions they may have only been exposed to in the past.”