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Lori Schoenwiesner

Designing and creating self-propelled submersibles

2022 STEM Scholar
Mechanicsville, VA Oak Knoll Middle School

Lori’s Big Idea: 

The queen has dropped her key in the castle moat. The Oak Knoll Knights must find the key, but how? Submersibles! Lori’s students must create a submersible to dive under the castle moat. This required the Knights to research, plan, build, create, and test their self propelled submersibles. Their successful submersibles allowed students to navigate, adjust ballast, and photograph their findings. After finding the key, the Knights then collaborated with students in Tybee Island, Georgia who were working to strengthen their local oyster populations. Submersibles were then taken to explore the Chesapeake Bay and view current oyster populations.

Interesting Facts:

Lori loves swimming with a master’s team, boating with her family, hiking in the mountains, and biking on old rail trails. She also enjoys volunteering with the My NASA Data team.

In her own words: "My students will influence the future, not because of me, but because of their ability to rise to challenges.”