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Living Your Best Life…In Space!

Custom project-based space curriculum provided at no cost to educators everywhere

DreamUp, The Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University
Middle school classrooms worldwide, Outer Space DreamUp/NanoRacks
The Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky University

The National Stem Cell Foundation (NSCF) has partnered with DreamUp, the leading provider of space-based educational services, to design a custom space-based curriculum that will be shared at no cost to educators everywhere.

“My Summer in Space: Living Your Best Life…in Space!” is a Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)- and Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-aligned project-based learning unit focused on the science of space. The curriculum engages students through highly interactive and inquiry-driven activities that are collaborative and adhere to the Design Thinking framework.

As they work through the unit, students will address the driving question: “How can we design a product that will make us comfortable during our summer in space?” They will ultimately develop a prototype of their product and present it to a panel whose membership could include teachers, local aerospace and engineering experts, university professors and others.