Lindsey Mason

Using a stream table to learn about erosion

2018 STEM Scholar
Canton, GA Dean Rusk Middle School

Lindsey’s Big Idea: Lindsey will teach students about the rock cycle and erosion. Students will code Ozobots to help them study the processes that change rock types from one kind to another. Then they will use a self-contained stream table to explore how the speed of water differs on the inside and outside of a curve, creating a hypothesis about how water speed impacts erosion. Students will create time lapse videos with iPads to observe and measure data points. Finally, students will design plans to protect land along the stream from erosion, and they will test how well their plans worked.


Interesting Facts: “In the future, I hope to be able to use Skype to allow my students to communicate with experts within fields like astronomy and meteorology to further their knowledge of those content areas.”

In her own words: "I was fortunate enough to have a parent with an engineering degree who was willing to come in and help guide my students. He went over laws related to waterways and gave them advice on how to improve their plans. It was really the highlight of this project for me to watch a volunteer from the community come in and take such interest in my students and their creations."