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Larisa Leap

Created an observational beehive and habitat to learn the importance of biodiversity, agriculture, and the local food chain

2020 STEM Scholar
Carrollton, KY

Larisa’s big idea: Larisa’s students learned the “ins and outs” of making a habitat for one of the world’s most important creatures: Bees. Her students researched, designed and built an observation beehive. While learning about bee behavior and biology, they also created a pollinator garden right outside their classroom. Students applied what they learned about agriculture while gardening and using the school’s worm compost bin.

Interesting facts:  Before teaching, Larisa was a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technologist. She has since devoted herself to teaching STEM to students ranging from middle school to high school. She also applies her love of life science on a 60 acres farm where her family raises chickens, livestock guardian dogs (Great Pyrenees) and horses. She foresees adding a pig and a couple of cows to her farm in the near future. 

In her own words: “I love life science and inspiring students to find beauty and magic in science and nature.”