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Katie Holliday

Researching and planning an oyster reef restoration

2022 STEM Scholar
Savannah, GA Tybee Island Maritime Academy

Katie’s Big Idea: 

Katie’s students started their challenge project by mapping out existing oyster reef communities surrounding Tybee Island. The students then analyzed their data to determine the optimal conditions for a successful reef and choose a location for the next oyster reef restoration project. Students presented their findings and optimal restoration location to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Katie hopes her students will be involved with the implementation of the new reef.

Interesting Facts:

Katie is obsessed with migratory shorebirds and likes to visit the beach before school starts in the morning with her binoculars to look for birds on the shoreline.

In her own words: “I want my students to feel pride in knowing that they are capable of creating climate solutions for our community."