Jill Henry

Development of sound, light and wave lab to study digital signaling

2016 Stem Scholar
Downers Grove, IL Herrick Middle School

Jill’s Big Idea: Jill created a specialized signaling lab so her students could explore the Next Generation Science Standards through the exploration of sound and light waves. Jill uses NGSS standards in her middle school classrooms to create a culture of learning that allows independent thinking and problem solving instead of rote lecturing. Through this project, Jill taught the transformational power of teamwork and collaboration in learning.


Interesting Facts: Jill is very active in the STEM community. As a STEM teacher, Jill has won a grant for thermal energy cameras to help students understand abstract objects, and was one of 185 science teachers selected to attend NASA’s Space Camp in Huntsville, AL in 2012. As part of Jill’s experience with NASA, she learned novel teaching techniques and was provided with custom, space-based curricula created by NASA for classroom use.

In her own words: "Teaching the 21st century learners involves developing activities that encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. I feel it is necessary to encourage the development of those skills to help prepare our students for the careers of the future that might not even exist yet."

Some of the energy efficient houses Jill’s students designed and built using the Cricut Maker purchased as part of her National STEM Scholar participation!