Jennifer Snead

Creating a watershed to see how human activity affects water quality

2021 STEM Scholar
Killeen, TX North Belton Middle School

Jennifer’s Big Idea:

Jennifer plans for her students to research, design and build a large watershed then build curriculum around it. The watershed will allow students to model the impact of human activity on groundwater and surface water in a watershed. After building the watershed, the students will be able to create real-world situations to observe the effect human activity. The students will create pollution in our groundwater representing fertilizers, factories releasing chemicals in rivers and streams, oil from cars, and more. The students will be able to follow the flow of the surface and groundwater from one location to another, filtered through the dirt and sand, and into the watershed.

Fun Facts:

Jennifer has a passion for nature and life sciences. She has seen and lived in several places around the world with her husband in the military and if someone gave her the option of doing anything she wanted for a week, she would go to as many broadway musicals as she could.

In her own words: "It is important for the students to see the process and begin to really analyze how human activity affects the watersheds in order to cultivate solutions to a cleaner future.“