Jennifer Durham

Using programming kits to create, test and fix solutions

2020 STEM Scholar
Elizabeth City, NC River Road Middle School

Jennifer’s big idea: Jennifer’s students will use LEGO Education SPIKE Prime sets to learn key skills in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). She plans to use the kits in different projects so students in each grade will learn to identify problems, work effectively as a team and develop solutions that can be tested and fixed to meet a need. 

 No matter the topic, students will invent a solution to a problem whether it is solving a disease, tracking weather, developing a prosthetic and more. 

Interesting facts:  Jennifer is an ocean lover. On her last vacation, she visited a rescue aquarium. She loves sea turtles and was able to observe them during hatching time.


In her own words: “I have implemented small projects with my students (that I can afford) and the students are so engaged. They remember the why's of the project and they learn the concepts much deeper.”