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Jen Polacek

Using rockets to learn about motion, acceleration, and velocity

2022 STEM Scholar
Woonsocket, RI Hamlet Middle School

Jen’s Big Idea: 

Jen’s students collaborated with our Mallownauts to learn about Newton’s third law of motion, rockets, acceleration, and velocity. They launched balloon rockets, water rockets, and air rockets. This collaboration happened just in time – one of Jen’s students was caught using their cell phone in the hallway! Using all their data and research skills, students were able to create and launch a rocket to save the phone from confiscation.

Interesting Facts:

Jen finds a lot of joy in coaching lacrosse. Her team has made it to the state championships two years in a row!

In her own words: “Making connections personally and letting students know you believe in them is the gateway to their learning and exploring freely.”