Jay Hollis

Design and development of organic solar cells to harvest solar energy

2017 STEM Scholar
Bowling Green, KY Bowling Green Junior High

Jay’s Big Idea: Using organic materials such as blackberry and raspberry juices, Jay and his classroom will investigate the design and use of organic solar cells to harvest solar energy. Jay hopes this project will emphasize the need to address the world’s growing energy demand through innovation and creativity.

Students will observe how energy is transferred and converted from sunlight in order to power a device. Jay anticipates this project will engage his students in larger, global issues on energy and sustainability. After designing and producing their own version of an organic solar cell, students will be well-equipped and well-versed with current alternative energy solutions.

Interesting Facts: “I teach 8th grade Science, Advanced Science, and Pre-AP Biology at Bowling Green Junior High School. I am finishing my third year at BGJHS and have really enjoyed helping my students ‘do’ science. I have been fortunate to have a great opportunity to incorporate 3D Printing and Modeling into my classroom with a technology grant from my district in 2015. My day is not complete until I feel that my students have made some crazy discovery that impacts their lives and perspectives.”

In his own words: "The project’s learning outcomes will allow students to make many connections to human impacts in the world, photosynthesis and the cycling of energy, and engineering design."
On being a 2017 STEM Scholar: “With my project, I wanted to really challenge my students, make them a little uncomfortable - you know, change up the day. And it worked.”