Hannah Odom

Building beehives to study ecology, animal adaptations and symbiosis

2018 STEM Scholar
Leesburg, GA Lee County Middle School East Campus

Hannah’s Big Idea: Hannah will create a problem-based learning experience focused on honey bees. The project will explore the roles of bees in our ecosystem, understand why there is a decline in the honey bee population, and provide examples of what students can do in their community to combat the honey bee decline.

Outside the classroom, students will build and maintain beehives to test how pollination affects the growth of fruits and vegetables and the taste of the bees’ honey.

Eventually, Hannah’s students will be able to package and sell the honey.


Interesting Facts: Hannah started a beekeeping club at her school to provide students the opportunity to become certified beekeepers.

In her own words: "In the science classroom, I believe kinesthetic, hands-on, real life experiences are those which will allow students to truly flourish and understand the content we are asked to teach them."