Buffy Sexton

Carrying experiments to the edge of space in a high-altitude weather balloon

2018 STEM Scholar
Louisville, KY Meyzeek Middle School

Buffy’s Big Idea: In “The Edge of Space,” Buffy’s students will assume the role of scientists or engineers who will plan, design and create experiments that will be carried to the edge of space in a high-altitude weather balloon. The experiment could be, for example, a 3D-printed design, a piece of technology, or something biological. Students will collect real-time data as the balloon ascends to approximately 100,000 feet, bursts and then descends. After retrieving the payload, students will analyze the effects of atmospheric temperature and pressure on their experiments.


Interesting Facts: In 2007 Buffy attended the Honeywell Educators Space Academy at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. As part of the experience, Buffy received classroom and laboratory instruction focused on science, space exploration and leadership skills development, and she participated in astronaut-style exercises such as high-performance jet simulation, water survival training and interactive flight dynamics programs.