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Anneliese Bopp

Developed New York's first school-based trout hatchery

2016 STEM Scholar
Sodus, NY Sodus Intermediate School

Anneliese’s Big Idea: Anneliese created and operated the only school-based trout hatchery in New York. Students received shipments of hatchlings and raised them under different conditions. Students collected data and monitored the fish using an automated system designed by Anneliese and other volunteers.

The project studied life cycles, animal reproduction, genetics and evolution and culminates with a year-end trip to Lake Ontario to release the fish into the wild.

Interesting Facts: A majority of Anneliese’s students already love to fish and a great number of them will settle in the areas around Lake Ontario. This project not only teaches students lifelong aquaculture skills, but also teaches them about the necessity of being good stewards of their local ecosystems.

Anneliese is partnering with Trout Unlimited and their Trout in the Classroom program.

In her own words: "I firmly believe that our best chance for getting students to pursue higher level science classes in high school is to hook them in during middle school."
On being a 2016 STEM Scholar: "It’s given me so many other ways of looking at things, so many other things to explore, so much more energy and enthusiasm, and resources. It’s invigorating. When you can get involved with a group like this it just makes you re-think everything.”