Angie Mutter

Building a tiny-house model to learn about sustainability

2018 STEM Scholar
Pilgrim's Knob, VA Twin Valley Elementary Middle School

Angie’s Big Idea: Angie’s students will learn about sustainability by designing and building a model of a tiny house for a specific biome. Students will learn the concepts of area, perimeter, and geometry; understand how building materials affect heating and cooling; and explore energy and water management. The students will present their tiny house model to a “shark tank” of experts in engineering, construction, HVAC, and meteorology that will judge the sustainability of the design for the given biome.


Interesting Facts: Angie makes professional development a high priority. In 2017 alone, she participated in numerous advanced training courses through the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Ron Clark Academy, and University of Virginia.

In her own words: "I want my students to become Earth friendly. I want my students to be open minded about solar, wind, hydrothermal, and hydropower energy and how they can be used. My students will leave this class GREEN."