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Angie Mutter

Built a tiny-house model to learn about sustainability

2018 STEM Scholar
Pilgrim's Knob, VA Twin Valley Elementary Middle School

Angie’s Big Idea: Angie’s students learned about sustainability by designing and building a model of a tiny house for a specific biome. Students learned the concepts of area, perimeter, and geometry; understood how building materials affect heating and cooling; and explored energy and water management. The students presented their tiny house model to a “shark tank” of experts in engineering, construction, HVAC, and meteorology that judged the sustainability of the design for the given biome.

Follow this link to learn exactly how to replicate this Big Idea!

Interesting Facts: Angie makes professional development a high priority. In 2017 alone, she participated in numerous advanced training courses through the Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Ron Clark Academy, and University of Virginia.

In her own words: "I want my students to become Earth friendly. I want my students to be open minded about solar, wind, hydrothermal, and hydropower energy and how they can be used. My students will leave this class GREEN."