Andi Twiss

Build and maintain an aquaponics system to learn about nutrient cycling, fish and plant anatomy, energy webs, and more

2021 STEM Scholar
Brooklyn Center, MN New Millennium Academy

Jaime’s Big Idea:  

Jaime’s project will extend students’ thinking about their place in the world and universe. Students will observe patterns in the sky, use mathematics to construct scaled models of the solar system, use an inflatable planetarium to observe Earth’s place in our solar system, use telescopes to observe the night sky, and participate in a field-based experience integrating language arts and social studies to tell student stories, as they are connected to their community and local culture. The culminating activity may include a second field-based experience at a local research center, Biosphere 2, where students will further study the solar system and galaxy and participate in learning about space exploration.  

Interesting Facts:

Jaime is a former Ranger-teacher with Saguaro National Park. She loves the outdoors and previously ran her school’s hiking club. Jaime is currently a District Science Coach and runs her school’s science fair.

In her own words: “This project is a priority to guarantee specific, purposeful, and standards-driven science education. After a year of sitting in front of screens, I want to ensure our in-person learning is as dynamic as our learners are! ”