Turtle Haste

Using the sun's shadow to learn about time and seasonality

2018 STEM Scholar
Albuquerque, NM Desert Ridge Middle School

Turtle’s Big Idea: Turtle’s students will conduct a long-term research project to explore seasonality and time. Using both modern (GPS) and historical (astrolabes, sextants) tools, they will learn how to measure time, latitude, solar angles, and axial tilt with today’s technology and also understand how ancient cultures were able to make inferences about time and location.


Interesting Facts: In 2007, Turtle participated in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Teacher at Sea program, where she traveled in a research cruise collecting microfauna for a marine survey of California’s National Marine Sanctuaries.

In her own words: "My global and polar researcher contacts will serve as mentors for this project, as well as assist students by collecting data in remote locations."