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Sarah StCyr

Design a furniture model adapted to a specific function, transform it into a 3d model and create a scale sized prototype on a 3d printer culminating in building a final piece of furniture

2023 STEM Scholar
Sulphur, LA W.W. Lewis Middle School

Sarah’s Big Idea:  

Students will be given a scenario in which they must design a piece of furniture that is adapted to a specific problem or location. For example, a person without the use of both legs must be able to sit in it, or the location the piece of furniture will be in must be able to withstand high winds such as in a hurricane. They will design a furniture model on isometric paper, transform that into a 3d model on tinkercad, create a scale sized prototype on a 3d printer, and build a final piece of furniture based off their designs. The engineering design process will be used throughout this project and students will be required to follow monetary restraints and budget materials.

Interesting Facts: 

Sarah’s background is in neuroscience research. She enjoys hiking and kayaking.

In her own words: “….[My students] are in the process of 3d printing prosthetic arms and [have] discussed designing furniture structures that could be used in locations around school or even our town that could help people in the community.”