Katie Lee

Learning research methodology to conduct ecological surveys to assess microhabitats

2020 STEM Scholar
McKinney, TX Cockrill Middle School

Katie’s big idea:  Katie will not only teach her students about life sciences but also show them how to conduct research. Her students will conduct an ecological survey to assess microhabitats around the building of their school. They will then use this knowledge to create small biomes and 3D models of their local watershed. 

Interesting facts:  Katie has a passion for life science and true crime. She has a degree in zoology and experience in forensics.

In her own words: “Getting my students outside is a priority for me because I want them to gain new perspectives and skills that they can’t get within a traditional classroom. The focus of seventh grade science in Texas is life science, and I feel I am doing my students a disservice if they don’t get to observe the concepts we discuss in action.”