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James “JJ” Frye

Analyze a topographical map to choose a water source for multi-year tracking of chemical analysis

2023 STEM Scholar
Leitchfield, KY Grayson County Middle School

JJ’s Big Idea: 

Students will analyze a topographical map of their local area to determine a water source for collection and analysis. Students will chemically analyze the collected water to determine it’s safety for drinking and aquatic life and to determine the factors that impact the water quality. As a multi-year project, students will place digital markers on the collection sites for future students to review and analyze every quarterly.

Objectives include:

  • Reinforcing foundational skills and developing connections through collecting and analyzing data;
  • Developing arguments to determine safety of their water samples;
  • Holding conversations with professionals about jobs in the community (mainly employees working at water treatment plants) and exploring careers in STEM often overlooked but vital to society;
  • Experiencing science relevant to students by collecting meaningful and individualized data;
  • Talking about photosynthesis/respiration, chemical reactions, traits and reproduction, energy transfer, light and sound waves, electricity and magnetism.

Interesting Fact: 

JJ has worked to develop and implement STEAM-based hands-on labs in grades 6, 7, 8 and is currently working to develop cross-curricular projects, a new idea for his district.

In his own words: “I’m currently one of two Science trainers at my middle school, I’ve found helping teachers teach an incredibly rewarding experience.”