Funding A Donor Journey

On a mission to increase the registry of bone marrow donors

Sharing America's Marrow (S.A.M.)
Louisville, KY Sam Kimura
Alex Kimura
Taylor Shorten

In 2015, NSCF co-funded the journey of Alex Kimura, Sam Kimura and Taylor Shorten, founders of Sharing America’s Marrow (S.A.M.). Sam Kimura was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder at age 17 and will eventually need a bone marrow transplant – with no donor match in her family or on the National Bone Marrow Registry.

With kits donated by Delete Blood Cancer, the three of them traveled last year to college campuses in all 50 states, registered over 24,000 new bone marrow donors and found over 400 matches for patients on a transplant waiting list.

NSCF has continued funding S.A.M.’s operations as Alex Kimura organizes 100+ national satellite events and run a continuous online bone marrow registration campaign.