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Send My Kid to Space (Camp)

Family Space Camp®
Oakland, CA Zia & Kathy

This fall, we asked parents on social media to share why they’re ready to send their kid to Space Camp®. The responses were overwhelming. Parents from across the country shared a full range of reasons why their son or daughter deserved to have this singular STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) experience. We are deeply heartened to hear from so many parents who are supporting their children’s dreams of becoming scientists, astronauts and tomorrow’s STEM pioneers.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the National Stem Cell Foundation is sending one stellar sixth-grade student from Oakland, California, Zia, and her mom Kathy, to Huntsville, Alabama this summer for Family Space Camp®! Watch the video now to see Kathy tell Zia the big news.



America needs more scientists – so we’re growing them ourselves. The National Stem Cell Foundation is honored to support students like Zia on their journeys of learning, exploring, and creating solutions for global problems.

Kathy shared, “I’m ready to send my kid to space camp because she thinks the coolest thing about life is that we are all made of stardust…While her tween attitude is in full gear and she seems bold, I know that this is a critical age to keep girls interested and motivated in STEM. She has been reading astronomy books non-stop for the last three years and tells anyone who asks that she wants to be an astrophysicist when she grows up. Zia has never been to sleep away camp because of the cost and due to a severe nut allergy. Being one to turn lemons into lemonade, she used her food allergy as the subject of one of her prize-winning science fair projects.”

Congratulations, Zia and Kathy!